Banded Rudderfish


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Seriola zonata

Rudderfish are similar to other Jack species, though smaller than amberjack – generally under 24 inches/10 lbs. Right now we’re bringing in rudderfish from Florida, this unique option isn’t always available so let your sales rep know if you’re interested in ordering this fish when we can source it.

Rudderfish are a unique alternative to amberjeck or a great option if you’re partial to fish in the Seriola genus. If you like the firm texture and the rich flavor of hamachi or hiramasa, rudderfish offers a similar culinary experience – with the added benefit of being harvested regionally.

There are a handful of fish that linger just outside the spotlight, rudderfish being one, although recreational fishermen can list the ways they love to cook this tasty catch (wrapped in bacon)!

As much as we might hate the “trash fish” moniker, rudderfish has recently been lumped into this contemporary category by foodie media. Chef Jason Stanhope, of FIG in Charleston told Garden & Gun that rudderfish “definitely has some tuna-like qualities… It’s just clean and firm and beautiful.”