Black Sea Bass

Other Common Names:

Blackfish, Rock bass, Chub




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Centropristis striata

Identification & Biology: Black sea bass is a relatively small fish – in fact the world record fish barely broke 10 pounds. Fish vary in color from shades of deep brown to dark grey and black.

Range & Habitat: Found in the Atlantic from Cape Cod to Florida; most abundant from New York to North Carolina. All of the black bass that we buy is from domestic waters. According to NOAA, these populations are sustainably managed and responsibly harvested under U.S. regulations.

Market Description: Black sea bass has firm, white flesh with a delicate flavor. Often sold whole, we can also fillet black bass to order.

Flavor Profile: Lean white flesh, small flake, delicate flavor

Fishing Technique: Bottom trawl, pots/traps

Suitable Subsitute: grouper, farmed striped bass

Buying Tips: Black sea bass is a great choice if you’re looking to feature a whole fish preparation on your menu.

Recommended Preparation: Very versatile, this fish is easy to work with whether you buy whole fish or fillets. If you buy whole fish and fillet them yourself, the bones and trimmings make excellent fish stock.