Chilean Sea Bass

Other Common Names:

Patagonian Toothfish




year round

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Identification & Biology: This large slow growing species was first harvested in the early 1980’s by Chilean long-liners working the continental shelf in depths of 6,000 feet. These are big fish – headed and gutted can still weigh upwards of 100lbs although market size is typically 20-40lbs.

Market Description: It is almost always sold re-freshed, usually meaning the product was frozen at sea and thawed out. This is always a superior product to a true fresh product which would have had to have been out of the water for close to two weeks before it could reach a plate or counter in most North American cities.

Habitat: Subtropical waters in the S. hemisphere

Flavor Profile: Thick large flake, fatty flesh, mild flavor

Fishing Technique: Hook & line, long line

Special Note: Takes 9 yrs. to grow to adult size

Suitable Sub: Barrel fish

Buying Tips: Chilean Sea Bass has a rich, melt in your mouth flavor. The moderately oily fish is tender and moist with large, thick flakes. Meat from raw Chilean Sea Bass is snow white and remains that when cooked.

Recommended Preparation: It is an excellent fish for almost all preparations and is very difficult to overcook.