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We source our farmed redfish/red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) from family owned and operated inland farms utilizing controlled ponds in the US.

Continual water quality monitoring maintains a healthy growing environment. The fish contain no hormones or antibiotics.

Overall, farmed redfish ranks as a “Best Choice” according to Seafood Watch criteria.

Like most aquaculture operations, our farmed redfish supplier keeps their feed formulation proprietary. Fish are fed a nutritionally appropriate diet, composed of fishmeal from sustainable fisheries, soybean meal, and other plant and animal proteins. Most of the fish meal and fish oil used in their feed is sourced from the Gulf of Mexico menhaden fishery, which is a stable, well managed fishery.

According to, Gulf of Mexico menhaden:

  • is not overfished nor is overfishing occurring
  • Biomass is very high with fishing mortality very low
  • Several management measures are in place to protect juveniles and spawners
  • Managers have changed the fishery management plan to incorporate stakeholder input and to incorporate precautionary reference points and control rules
  • Along with Atlantic menhaden, this stock is under review for MSC certification. Results are expected later in 2018