Great Lakes Whitefish

Other Common Names:

Sault Whitefish or Gizzard Fish


year round

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Identification & Biology: The name can be confusing because white-fish is used indiscriminately to refer to many white-fleshed, mild tasting fish. Here we are talking about Whitefish – which is actually a member of the salmonide family.

Range & Habitat: It is found in the cold deep waters of the northern United States and Canada, particularly the Great lakes regions.

Market Description: Lake Whitefish is probably most commercially important Lake-fish species in Canada. Many anglers are probably familiar with this fish. It is caught year round and is very popular in the winter when it is ice-fished. In fact, whitefish is at its best in the winter because it ups its fat content to survive in the cold waters and consequently becomes an even more premium table fish. It is the most important commercially because it may be one of the best eating freshwater fish around.

Buying Tips: It has firm white flesh with a very nice large flake similar to that of salmon. It eats very rich from its high, healthful fat content with a mild flavor making it very appealing for those who find a lot of fish too strongly flavored or those who wish to get creative with flavorings in the kitchen.

Recommended Preparation: It is widely used for smoking and is particularly suited for broiling and grilling, pan roasting and chowders as its firm flesh will hold together well.