Lake Victoria Perch

Other Common Names:

Africa Snook, Capitaine, Victoria Perch


year round

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Identification & Biology: These fish can grow extremely large, upwards of 300lbs. But sizes like that are sport trophies compared to the 6-10lb fish used commercially. Lake Victoria Perch is a carnivore than can grow up to two meters in length, making it one of the biggest fresh-water fish in the world. The Lake Victoria Perch is silver in color with a blue tinge. It has a distinctive dark black eye, with a bright yellow outer ring.

Range & Habitat: The perch that is caught today in Lake Victoria, the second largest fresh-water lakes in the world after Lake Superior, is indigenous to Africa and dates back at least to the era of the pharaohs when they were first discovered in the royal tombs.

Market Description: They are mild in flavor, medium in texture and firmness, nice large moist flake, possess very few bones in the meat, and for being a rather lean fish they have a healthful amount of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Recommended Preparation: Perch has a firm yet delicate and flaky flesh with very few bones, which makes it the ideal choice to initiate children to eating fish.