Lobster: Australian Southern Rock (Red Spiny Lobster)


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Lovers of lobster agree the Australian Southern Rock Lobster transcends all other lobsters in freshness and taste.

This species, from the cleanest ocean in the world, is unsurpassed with its fine yet firm texture, sweet white flesh tinged with orange and decadently rich flavor.

The Australian Southern Rock Lobster elevates luxury food to new heights, whether it is served simply, yet with maximum effect, with but a squeeze of lemon or extravagantly seasoned with other exotic ingredients and sauces.

Its rich red color when cooked makes a style statement like no other food and most parts of the lobster are edible. Even the tomalley (liver and pancreas) and red coral (roe) can be served with the lobster or used in a sauce. The shell makes delicious stocks, soups and poaching liquids and the head can make a flavorsome sauce.