New Zealand Bluenose

Other Common Names:

Bluenose also known as Antarctic Butterfish.


year round

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Identification & Biology: Dark blue-grey or brownish-grey above, paler to silver on the sides and belly. Small scales, laterally compressed body and a large eye set lower on head, a blunt nose.

Range & Habitat: Deep water New Zealand. Most common over or near rocky areas in depths of 100-300 meters.

Market Description: Flesh is firm textured, medium colored that whitens on cooking. Moist and succulent, similar to grouper with better fat content. Fillets are moderately deep and rather elongated.

Catching Methods: Longliners and handline.

Nutrional Information:
(Per 100 gm raw fillets – approximate)
Protein 19.0 g
Energy 90 kcal (378 kJ)
Sodium 98.1 mg
Fat 1.6 g
Cholesterol 54 mg