New Zealand Green Lip Mussels


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The Green Mussels is native to New Zealand, which has exported it to North America since 1979. Greenshells are cultivated on ropes, rafts or long-lines. Growing standards and water quality are tightly regulated by the New Zealand Government so quality is consistently high. Greenshell mussels boast a very attractive, elongated shell that is brownish green on one end but change to a bright green near the broad lip. They can grow over 8” but are typically shipped at 3-4”.

Green mussels are sweet, tender, delicate, plump and juicy. Meat color varies from apricot (female) to cream (male). The color has no effect on the flavor. Greenshells are most commonly available frozen on the half shell.

Handling: Live Greenshell Mussels do not need to be iced, in fact the cold from the ice may kill them faster. They are best kept refrigerated. Greenshells typically may gape slightly when live, but it’s not an indication of a dead mussel.