Other Common Names:

Sable, Black Cod, Blue Cod, Bluefish, Candlefish, Coal Cod, Coalfish, Beshow & Skilfish


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Identification & Biology: The term sablefish was coined because its charcoal black skin has somewhat of a fury texture and it is actually not a cod at all although similar in shape and size.

Range & Habitat: Sablefish are deep sea fish, found at depths of 1500 meters in the pacific northwest ranging from southern California all the way up to the Bearing Sea and Japan. The best quality Sablefish are caught in north, from British Columbia to Alaska.

Market Description: Sablefish truly is one of the most spectacular eating fish around. It has remarkable pearly white flesh, with a smooth silky texture, large flakes, and a sublime taste. Catches of Sablefish are well managed and most of the entire quota’s are exported to Japan where buyers bid very high prices for this delicacy although enough makes its way into north American markets making Sablefish accessible to most consumers albeit expensive.

Buying Tips: It is because of the cold deep waters they are found in that Sablefish have a very rich and healthful fat content making them one of the most sought after premium eating fish in the world.

Recommended Preparation: It is well suited for grilling, smoking, broiling and searing in particular.