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Verlasso salmon from the Patagonian coast of Chile. Nourished by the upwelling Humboldt current and refreshed by the Tradewinds, the mild flavor, buttery texture, and big flakes make it a chef’s favorite. Our ultra-premium salmon offers a brighter taste with no residual fishy flavor on the palate or aroma in the kitchen. For more than a decade, Verlasso has been a leader in sustainable farming practices. We are ASC and BAP 4 Star certified.

  • Less than 1:1 Fish in, fish out ratio
  • No hormones or preventative antibiotics
  • No preservatives
  • No copper anti-foulants in net pens
  • Low density, double net systems prevent escapes and interactions with would-be predators

All of this results in a delicious salmon with a firm bite and creamy finish that is a result of:

  • Carefully chosen farm sites
  • Remote locations – clean, cold water
  • State of the art handling for food safety & quality
  • Consistent flavor and dependable, year-around delivery

Healthly meals, including immune boosting dishes, are more popular than ever. Consumers appreciate menus that feature Verlasso for its nutritional values as well as the eating experience. Omega 3 fatty acids, trace minerals like selenium, and vitamin D — cooking a meal with this level of quality delivers health and taste.

Finally, Verlasso is easy to work with. Whether you’ve got a new cook at the restaurant or a busy parent in and out of the kitchen, the marbled meat texture is just right. It’s a winner grilled, broiled, seared or sautéed. Perfect on a sandwich, salad, or center plate, cooked or raw in sushi, poke, ceviche, crudo or even cold curing.

Verlasso is certified sushi grade.