Salmon, Wild Alaska Keta

Other Common Names:

chum salmon, dog salmon




spring summer fall

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Range & Habitat: Keta salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) are the most widely distributed of the 5 commercially harvested Pacific salmon. Ranging from the central California coast to the far off Sea of Japan, these abundant fish have long been a vital component of natives and locals who depend on them for sustenence year-round.

Identification & Biology: Keta salmon can easily be identified by their pronounced forked tail. They spend thier lives feeding on plankton, small fish and squid, with maturing fish averaging 8 to 12 lbs when harvested.

Market Description: Keta salmon is growing in popularity as people recognize it as a versatile, healthy seafood choice at a great price point. Keta has firm flesh and cooks up with a mild, salmon flavor making it easy to work with and applicabale to a variety of menus. Keta is great for smoking.

Habitat: Alaskas cold Pacific waters.

Flavor Profile: Lean and firm, with a mild flavor

Fishing Technique: Gill net, purse seine

Special Note: Fishery is still relatively new

Suitable Sub: Any wild salmon variety