Shrimp: Blue Prawns


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Identification & Biology: A freshwater prawn that’s now being aquacultured in Hawaii. It’s name comes from the brilliant blue color of its tail.

Market Description: Freshwater shrimp are typically harvested after they have moved from saltwater into the freshwater areas. Most often larger in size than saltwater varieties, the prawn will have a longer and narrower body than other shrimp and contain meat that is very similar in texture and taste. Varieties most often available include the blue prawn or sweet-water prawn from Hawaii, the Caribbean and Brazil, and the spot shrimp or spot prawn from the Pacific waters. When used to refer to larger sized shrimp, the term “prawn” is often associated with varieties of jumbo shrimp. Prawns should be kept alive or frozen and eaten as soon as possible since it does not take long for the meat to break down and become mushy. Removing the heads of shrimp assists to keep them fresher in flavor.