Shrimp: Key West Pink


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Market Description: A gulf variety of shrimp, more pink in color than red. Sweet and succulent.

Buying tips: Buy your shrimp fresh if you can get them that way, or properly frozen and thawed (lest the shrimp become mushy). They should smell of the ocean and not of ammonia. Watch out for black spots on your shrimp if you buy them fresh. They indicate the beginnings of deterioration and tell you that your fishmonger has been letting his/her fish, whether previously frozen or not, sit out for too long.

Recommended Preparation: Shrimp can be cooked in any number of ways: broiled, grilled, boiled, pan fried, and breaded and deep fried. Shrimp can also be added to all kinds of dishes including sautes, soups, pastas, and stews. Shrimp cocktail, where shrimp are boiled for approximately 5-7 minutes and then chilled and served with a dipping sauce, is a popular way to enjoy this tasty seafood.

Substitutes: lobster, scallops, tuna chunks, crawfish tails