Shrimp: Spot Prawns


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Identification & Biology: The spot prawn (a misnomer as it is really a shrimp) sports four bright white spots, hence its name. To spawn, it metamorphoses in mid-life from male to female. This shrimp is abundant and well managed with low bycatch because it is caught with individual traps, not nets.

Range & Habitat: Spot shrimp are found in the North Pacific Ocean. In North America, they range from Alaska to southern California, while in Asia they are distributed from the Sea of Japan to Korea Strait.

The spot prawn is the largest shrimp in the U.S. West Coast. This shrimp has a big problem: it’s one of the reef fishes’ favorite foods.

Spot shrimp come from marine fisheries, not shrimp farms. They are primarily caught with pots and traps. Additional types of fishing gear include bottom trawls.

*Spot prawns change sex as they grow. They spend the first part of their lives as males, then change into females.

Market Description: Spot Prawns are super sweet and have supreme texture, as well as being exceptionally large and juicy!