Snapper: New Zealand


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Fillet Size: 100 – 500g
Whole size: 0.5 – 7kg

The Rolls Royce of Snapper.

Identifying features: The upper body can vary in color from a pale pink to dark red-bronze with bluish spots throughout.

Comparisons: Well known, attractive fish that is distinguished from the other commercial breams by its pinkish coloration with blue spots and body shape.

Fillets: Pinkish white flesh, medium textured and suitable for most cooking methods.

Habitat: Occurs around New Zealand but mainly in the North Island and Northern South Island. The Snappers frequent any kind of bottom to about 200 meters. They feed on a wide variety of fish as well as shellfish fastened to rocks and those living in sand and muddy areas.

Catching methods: Longliners

Nutritional Information:
(Per 100 gm raw fillets – approximate)
Protein 19.4 g
Energy 92 Kcal (456 kj)
Sodium 78 mg
Fat 1.6 g
Cholesterol 44 mg