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Identification & Biology: An enormous fish, weighing from 200 lbs. to as much as one ton. It was named for a long, sword like projection from upper jaw. A tall, sail like dorsal fin propels this imposing fish through the waters of the world.

Market Description: Meaty, dense mottled gray-white flesh that’s firm in texture, moderate in fat content, and mildly flavorful.

Habitat: Tropical & sub-tropical waters around the world

Flavor Profile: Large circular flake, Meaty texture and flavor

Fishing Technique: long line

Special Note: Most highly coveted big-game species

Suitable Sub: N/A

Sold as: Steaks or chunks, fresh or frozen

Buying tips: Look for steaks that shimmer reflectively and are free of browning and signs of drying. The swirled meat should be tight, not “gaping” (separating), and should smell sweet. *One way to tell the freshness of steaks is the bloodline running along one side. Bright and red indicates freshness. A bloodline that is brownish or slightly greenish indicates that it is old.

Recommended Preparation: Firm and hearty, swordfish grills beautifully. Try a tangy marinade, or simply brush the fish with olive oil or soy sauce. All-purpose steaks can also be broiled, baked, or poached; chunks are delicious sautéed, kebabed, or stir-fried.

Substitutes: Grouper, halibut, mahi-mahi, rockfish, red snapper, tuna

Notes: Swordfish is available fresh while it’s in season from late spring and early autumn. You can find frozen steaks and chunks any time of the year.