Other Common Names:

St. Peter's fish, sunfish


year round

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Scientific name: Oreochromis; including: O. niloticus, O. mossambicus, O. aureus, and O. hornorum and various hybrids

Market Description: Because of it’s consistent availability, affordable price, and mild flavor, tilapia is one of the most popular seafood choices among US consumers. It’s an easy fish to farm raise, and is grown around the world.

We’re currently sourcing our antibiotic. growth hormone, and chemical free tilapia from several suppliers that raise fish in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Ecuador.

No matter what brand of tilapia you choose, rest assured that Inland is sourcing from the best in the business.  We pick our partners based on a variety of criteria. Site selection, continual water monitoring, careful feed selection & feeding practices, water treatment and recycling, low pond density – these are things that all the tilapia farmers we source from are focused on.

The companies we source from also make sure they utilize 100% of the fish they process. We get the fillets, but the skins, scales, fish oil and solids, bones and guts are all used in one way or another. Tilapia byproducts are made into animal feed, biodiesel. compost, even pharmaceutical products.

Each of the companies we work with have programs in place that give back to the communities in which they are based. Whether they are planting trees as part of a reforestation project or building schools, these companies are an active part of their home regions. Supporting economic and social development is key.

Flavor & Texture: No matter where it comes from, Inland’s tilapia selection affords you the opportunity to put a sustainable seafood option on your menu. All the tilapia we sources has a mild, slightly sweet flavor and firm texture. Tilapia fillets are white in color with a fresh taste that goes great with almost any seasoning style.

Tilapia’s delicate flavor really allows your most creative efforts to be the star of the dish – whether you season it with a signature dry rub or dress up the dish with a memorable sauce.

Sustainability: We’re sourcing tilapia from some of the best producers on the planet. Careful attention to sourcing, farming practices, site selection, pen density, feed and feeding practices, and animal welfare make tilapia a sustainable option. Our suppliers holds current certification from organizations like the Aquaculture Stewardship Council and BAP/GAA.

Buying Tips: Tilapia is sold fresh or frozen, and is available whole by preorder. We also offer a Kosher tilapia option – pre-order only.