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Sea Bass


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Polyprion americanus

Although wreckfish can be found in the western Atlantic from Grand Banks, Newfoundland, to Argentina, domestic fishermen generally work an area called the Charleston Bump, a deep-water bank located 80 to 100 miles southeast of Charleston, South Carolina.

The wreckfish individual transferable quota (ITQ) program started in 1992 and is the oldest finfish ITQ program in the United States.

Wreckfish fish is rated a “best choice” by Seafood Watch.

Identification & Biology: Wreckfish are a slow growing fish, but do get big – sometimes over 200 lbs. and 6 feet in length.

Flavor Profile: large flake, firm and meaty, very flavorful

Fishing Technique: hook & line

Special Note: Solitary deep water fish

Suitable Sub: Barrel fish

Seasonal Availability: The wreckfish fishery is closed during their spawning season (mid-January to mid-April).

Recommended Preparation: Roasted, grilled, sauteed or seared, wreckfish is also delicious is soups and stews.